Thursday, April 7, 2011

Change the World

Today marks four weeks since me dear Isabella received her wings. That means four weeks since I have given my sweet girl a kiss, or smelt her sweet smell, or sang to her her favourite songs or looked in her beautiful eyes. These four weeks have felt like a lifetime and the prospect of the rest of my life without these things seems incomprehensible. I cried a little less today, which is a good thing. I think that I had the constant distraction of family and friends coming and going throughout the day. We discussed the fundraiser walk that we are going to do in Isabella's name and how we are going to donate the proceeds to two doctors who specialise in the disease that had taken Isabella's life. I think that this is a good start to making sure that she is never ever forgotten. I was telling a friend that Isabella was going to change the world because she had so much to offer. My friend pointed out that she still can and it is up to me to be her hands and feet. I promised Isabella the day that she passed that I was going to make her proud each and every day. This is a step to making my angel proud of her mommy. With my family and friends help I am going to make a difference by helping to raise money to prevent another innocent life be victim to this terrible disease. Isabella, I will be your hands and your feet and now it is time for mommy to make you proud of her just as I am proud of you. I love you more then ever my little monkey.


Chris M said...

Marisa - please reach out if there is anything I can do to help with the fundraiser.

Lucy said...

You are simply amazing. I am so proud to be your sister. I am so proud to be Isabella's aunt and God Mother. I am here in every way to help plan a walk to raise money in Isabella's name. She will make a difference. I think she already has.

Angela Velocci said...

You never cease to amaze me with the strength and courage that you are showing us all. The way you want to help other people so that they won't have to endure the pain that you are, is admirable. You are so special and loved more than you know.
I say this because while Alex and I were visiting with you last night, you and Frank questioned how many people would actually join in the walk/run fundraiser for Isabella. Believe me, there will be alot of people participating!! There's a whole bunch of people out there ready to support you in anyway you need us to.


Love you always and forever,


Josie DiMarco said...

Dear Marisa, your strength is truly inspiring. A fundraiser in Isabella's name is a beautiful idea. I'm almost positive your little Bella is already very proud of her parents. Keep writing and please let me know if I can help in anyway.

Hugs and Kisses,

Patricia said...

Isabella sweet
Isabella sweet
We will be
Your hands and feet

Isabella's smiles
Isabella's smiles
For you we walk
A thousand miles

Isabella's light
Isabella's light
Shine on us
Your strength and might

Isabella dear
Isabella dear
Teach us love
And not to fear

Isabella true
Isabella true
In your honour
This is what we will do

Cassie Manzolini said...

Hey Marisa,

If there is anything I can do once i'm done school in helping out with this amazing fundraiser please let me or my mom know :) We love you lots and I hope to see you soon.

Jen said...


I would like to start off by saying your words are simply beautiful. I think you are the strongest person to be writing your thoughts and emotions for all to read especially when you are hurting so badly. I believe the fundraiser you are starting in honour of Isabella is simply amazing. Isabella was such a sweet little girl, and may your memories continue to give you strength and comfort you everyday.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Jen Dolphin

Joyce said...

You are an inspiration. Your words touch us all. Bella's memories live on because of you and Frank.

This walk will be amazing. Let me know if you need anything. We would be happy to help you with this.