Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Working Through Grief

Thank you to all of my visitors today, my sister, my aunt and cousin and my mother. Having family around makes the minutes go by much faster. It also helps that they brought food and dessert. Sitting around and being able to talk about Isabella with people that love her is so important to me.

Tonight I attended a workshop on Grief and Working Through It, presented by Alan D. Wolfelt. I have to say that I initially did not want to go but with the persuasion of my mother decided to attend. I attended with my mother, my husband and a dear friend who has also experienced loss in her life. It was weird sitting in an auditorium with a bunch of people and wondering what their story was. Who had they lost that had brought them to this place? It is also comforting to be reminded that everything that I am feeling is normal and that I will eventually come to a point where I will live again. First I need to properly grieve, mourn, and allow myself as much time as I need to do so. I was reminded that the I cannot skirt the outsides of grief but only to journey through it. If anyone has the opportunity to attend one of his workshops, I would suggest doing so. It is beneficial not only for people who have experienced loss but also for people who want to properly support people who have had a loss.

Isabella, I will grieve you, mourn you and cry for you. I will never stop talking to you, loving you and praying for Mother Mary to protect you. You are now and will always be my daughter and for that I am truly blessed.


michelle said...

Its good you have so much support from your family and Isabella

Angie said...

It was so nice to see you and Frank yesterday. I wish I could come and see you more often as I love to chat with you about our precious little girl, Isabella as well. Please know that we're always thinking about her and she comes up often in our conversations at home as well. How could we possibly forget that beautiful face and loving disposition. Impossible !!
It made me happy to read in your blog that you went to the seminar last night. I know you had some doubts about attending but I'm glad you were convinced to go. I am certain that it would have been beneficial for all of us to attend. I know at times we may say or do the wrong things and maybe even make you more upset but just know that we mean well and just want to be there for you.
Looking forward to our next visit.

Love you lots and lots,



Sounds like it was a great workshop!

I totally agree...I want to go through my grief now instead of 10 years from now...no matter how awful and hard it is to go through it, I am :( It definitely doesn't get easier but it sometime gets more managable.

Lucy said...

I'm glad that our visits bring you some comfort. We will always be here to support you whenever you need us.
I would love to know more about the seminar so that I can support you in a healthy and beneficial manner. If ever I do say or do something that upsets you please let me know, so that it won't happen again.
I think you are amazing, and I love you very much.

Harmony88 said...

I'm glad to hear that you attended the workshop with your loved ones.
I'm happy to hear it helped you in some way.

Chris Coz said...

I'm so proud that you and Frank had the courage to go :)