Monday, May 23, 2011

I miss you

Isabella, I miss you everyday but today I realise that my missing you is a permanent part of my day. I need a hug today more then ever. Not an ordinary hug, but a Bella hug. The hug where you hold on so tight and nestle your head in my neck. The type of hug where your legs are wrapped around my waist. The hug that is accompanied by the word, Mama. The type of hug that only you can give. I miss your smile, your dancing, your kisses through the window, and especially you hugs. I MISS YOU!!!!!


michelle said...

I wish I could send hugs through the computer. When I feel that acheing need to hold Jack I hold my hubby for he is a part of Jack and I see Jack in him everyday.


So sorry that yesterday was hard. Thinking of you! ((Hugs))

Mom said...

We miss Isabella so very much but know that she is always with us in our heart. Her beautiful face is sketched in our mind and she will always be part of our lives.
Love mom