Friday, May 20, 2011

I wonder.......

As I sit here now and write this entry I can't help to think that Isabella would have been 20 months old today. I wonder how much taller she would have been or how long her hair would have gotten. I wonder if her hair would have been even curlier or if I finally would have been able to tell if her eyes were green or hazel. I wonder if she finally would have grown an appreciation for potatoes or if she would have continued with her eggs and avocado streak. I wonder what new words she would have learned and what other crafts she would have made at school. I wonder if we would still sit through the Wiggles movie or if we would sit through another favourite show. I wonder how she would have looked in all of the summer clothes that I had bought her and the floppy hat that has been sitting in her closet because it has been to big to wear. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder........ My day is full if wondering and wishing that I did not have to wonder.

Happy 20 month birthday Isabella. I love you and think of you every day.


michelle said...

Wonder thats what I do, I know Jack would have really long hair, it was already very long and he had two hair cuts- not an easy task with a baby. He had my sisters baby blue eyes they turned before he went in to the hospital. What I do know of Isabella is that she was already startling beautiful, she had a definate "wow" factor.

Lucy said...

When I read this I feel so sad. I wish we, especially, you and Frank didn't have to wonder these things, but rather watch them unfold naturally before our eyes. I wish I had something more profound to say that might bring you some comfort, but at this point all I feel is sad.
I do know that whatever new things she would have learned or did over that last few months would of made us smile, laugh and especially proud. I miss you Bella.