Friday, January 13, 2012

Will she remember?

They say that children are resilient at a young age.  I heard  that if they experience trauma, such as losing a parent they recover more quickly then adults.  Unfortunately sometimes at a very young age memories fade more quickly.  That is my worry with Bella.  I know that I am not as resilient at this age.  I will not recover as easily as she would if I would have passed. 

I wonder if in heaven she will remember all of the memories that we had.  Will she remember her first time on a sled or our day at the pumpkin patch? Will she remember out nightly dances or our hide and seek games?  My fear is that her memories of me will fade and when I do finally meat up with her again, that she will not remember.

I know that it is totally silly, yet it is still something that I wonder and truly fear.

Miss you monkey,



michelle said...

I am athiest but if I werent then I suppose in heaven that time would be not be relevent and sweet Isabella wouldnt be aware that you were gone for more than a second until you met up with her again. xo

Anonymous said...

Memories last forever Marisa and they are never forgotten. Isabella could never forget the amazing times she spend with you and Frank and with all the people that love her. She probably is sharing all the great memories with the other angels in heaven.


Lucy said...

I choose to believe that heaven is a perfect place. I'm sure Bella remembers all of the amazing people and memories that she made here on earth and that she will always remember them.
In my opinion, time does not exist in heaven and that when you see Bella again it will be as if you were always together.
She is here, with us, always. I'm sure many of us feel her presence and love close by.
Your daughter will always remember and love everything about you.

Susan said...

I'm with Michelle and Lucy on this one... I worry more that we will forget ;-(

Patricia said...

I think everyone is right. Time does not exist in heaven. Maybe that's why our loved ones visit us in our dreams, an eternal playground for our souls to reunite.