Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hope and Courage

I have been doing lots of writing about my ups and downs lately.  Unfortunately, as I look back at my most recent posts, I can see that I have been experiencing more downs then ups. The past few days have surprised me and brought me some hope and courage.  There is no reason why that I can think of to be feeling like this.  The weather is still dark and wet, the days still feel super long and Bella is still not here is body. 

I am presently trying to concentrate on what I do have versus what I don't.  I have an amazing husband whom I love very much.  Isabella inherited his quizzical look, his soft voice and his gentle demeanor.  I look at him and I can see her looking back at me.  Some days it is so hard to see any good in the world, but the past few days given me little glimpses of light.   Each morning I am trying to set my intention for the day as I tell myself that today I will be strong, today I will have a good day.  Some days that works, others not so much.

Someone told me early on in my grief that my job is just to put one foot in front of the other.  That is all that I can do right now.  I am sure that some days I will fall but I have to just try and get back up again.

Today, I hope for us all to have a little hope and a lot of courage.



michelle said...

One foot infront of the other or even one breath at a time. Its okay to have ups and downs as our path is not an easy one take. No matter wether you are having a bad day or a good day you have already shown great courage. xo

Nadia said...

Just remember that on this journey it can only be one step at a time...it's the only way to hang on. Your ups and downs are normal considering the situation and you should be proud of yourself.

Lucy said...

I always pray to God that he will give you whatever you need, and if today it is hope and courage, and tomorrow something different, I know he is listening.
Looking at the blessings in our lives and acknowledging them, especially at the most challenging times, is certainly a lesson we can all learn from.
You are one remarkable woman, and I am so proud to call you my sister!

Patricia said...

I think setting an intention every morning is definitely a step in the right direction, no pun intended :) I will love myself today and be grateful for the love that surrounds me always.
I am grateful for you Marisa, for Frank, for your family, and for the powerful, loving, and joyful spirit that is your sweet Isabella.

A. Gina said...

Our heavenly Father will always give you the strength to get up. Always remember He holds you in the palm of His hands.