Sunday, December 4, 2011

A nice quote

I read a quote yesterday and it really struck home with me. It was, "the more precisely you plan your future, the harder destiny hits." I cannot beleive how much I could relate to those words. When Bella passed away, I was in the process of planning when we would get pregnant with our next child and the age difference that Bella and that child would have between them. I planned that I wanted to keep Bella at her Montessorri school until grade one, when I would then bring her to the school that I teach at. I think that sometimes God wants to remind us that he is in charge, not us. What better way to do that then to shake up someones life.

I now fear making future plans because I don't know what that the next 24 hours will bring, never mind the next 25 years. when you really think about it, we try our best to be good parents who teach our children to be good people. Sometimes, we have no control over the outcome of our childrens lives and that is a scary thing.

I guess that the only thing that we could do is hope for the best and know that God is always watching over them. In my case, I know that Bella is watching over me and protecting me from above.


michelle said...

Hope is powerful and no matter what happens in our lives even when everything else is stripped away we are still left with one thing to keep us going and that is Hope. I hang on to that. xo

Nadia said...

We never really stop and think that we are going to run out of time with our children. It's only natural to look forward and plan our future with the ones we love most. Unfortuately God's plan gets in the way in some cases and seems to shatter everything. We are truly not in control the way we think we are.

marisa said...

Michelle, you are so right that hope is sometimes all that we have. Nadia, I agree 100% that Gods plans for us are way more powerful then any plans that we may have.

Thinking of you both.


Susan said...

I really don't believe it was part of God's plan for Bella and Catherine to die before they started school. I think it is more that the world is imperfect and full of sin, and far from God's plan - which is why bad things happen. I do think God could have stopped it - intervened for us personally if He chose - which makes me pretty disappointed in Him.

It's all very hard. After C died, I was at a Bible class where they read a bit about not getting too ahead of yourself because God is in charge... and I was like... is that WHY? Is that WHY C died - becase I planned a future? When I was pg with M I was also very nervous to make plans...

Now I find myself very purposefully saying when M grows up, when M starts school... What alternative is there?

Sending you lots of love xx

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