Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy time of year.

Everyday at work I sit through people discussing how busy this time of year is and how they are going crazy trying to finish their Christmas shopping. I hate to say this but I am jealous of all of them. I am jealous of the people whose biggest worry was if they are going to finish their shopping on time or if they did not find the perfect gift for that special someone. I remember when that was me and those were my biggest worries.

Christmas once used to be a time of running around, Christmas visits, Holiday music and Christmas Cheer. This year Christmas is none of that. Instead it is just a day. A day that is causing me anxiety and stress. Not because I am rushing around and doing shopping, but instead because I am missing my girl.

Miss you Bella baby, today and always


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michelle said...

I have the same feelings. It is just a another day that will come and go. We do have to go the inlaws for Christmas dinner but there is no excitment for the hollidays for me anymore. I will be thinking of Isabella then, she will always be together with Jack like a big sister keeping him company in my heart.xo