Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bella in Kindergarten

Today at work a little boy in my Kindergarten class put a real smile on my face. His behaviour reminds me so much of Isabella. He is so independent and likes to do everything on his own. It reminds me of Bella and how she could be so persistent in trying to do things on her own. It was one of the many qualities about her that I love so much. The boy in my class does not like any other students in the class hold his hand or touch him. Even though Bella loved to sit on my lap and cuddle and kiss but she hated when anyone held her hand. She did not like her hands confined and always needed them free to touch whatever she wanted. When we were walking on the sidewalk I would often have to hold her wrists so she could not pull her hands free, she hated that.

Watching this boy today was like watching what Bella would have been like in a few years. I imagine that she would have been that same way in Kindergarten. She would have insisted on completing things by herself even if it took her ten times longer then everyone else. She would have refused to hold hands with other students, even if the rest of the students were doing it. She would have been that student right at the front at circle time, just so she could hear the story perfectly and have a clear view of the pictures.

I am able to see some of Bella in the students in my class and for a moment it is as if I am watching her right in front of me.
I know that my daughter would have loved Kindergarten and the teacher and students would have love her.


Lucy said...

You are an amazing and strong person to be able to work with children every day. I'm sure it isn't always easy, but your students are so lucky to have you as a teacher. I'm glad that you can find Bella and her charming personality alive in your everyday life.
I find at school there are certain children who remind me of Bella too. One little girl looks exactly like what I imagine Bella to look like in SK.

michelle said...

Its funny the things or people we come across that remind us of our children. I am sure she would have loved Kindergarten too. xo