Friday, December 2, 2011

Just another day!

Well, today is my birthday and as with the other holidays that recently passed I have chosen to not celebrate this day. My husband this morning said to me before he left the house, "you are old." I simled because that was his was of acknowledging that he remembered without saying the dreaded word. I had many kind calls and e-mails of support from people who said that they are thinking of me today and they were all very appreciated. My friend Patricia texted me, "happy just another day", which made me laugh. I know that people may think that I am crazy for being like this, but truly I don't care what people think.

I did the one thing today that I wanted to do which was go to the cemetary. I told Bella how much I live her and miss her and then I just went on with my day. Another year has gone and another years worth of lessons I have learned. The most important lessons that I have learned this year is not to plan to far ahead (take every day as it comes), not to take family for granted, never say or do anything that you will regret because you can't always take those things back, life is very umpredictable, and the power of prayer is so strong. I want to always keep those lessons in the front of my mind so that I could always look at the world with a new set of eyes.

It truly is just another day.


Lucy said...

You are an amazing person. An incredible daughter, sister, wife, friend and most of all Mother. We respect and support any choices you make in your life. Only you know what is best for you.
Always remember how much you are loved from those of us here in the physical world and far beyond.

michelle said...

I am sure your not as old as me lol. xo