Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat

Halloween is almost here and I am hoping that is leaves as quickly as it came. I am going to be that house that has the lights out and does not give out candy. Let's just hope that we don't wake up to eggs on the door or any other part of the house. Last year Isabella was dressed up as a butterfly, how fitting. She was wrapped up so warm and we went trick or treating with our friends and their daughter. She was such a good sport and never complained about the butterfly head peace or the big warm costume. Instead in Isabella style she enjoyed every minute of it. She even tried saying trick or treat. Frank and I ate all of her candies because she was not aloud sweets. I hope that she is picking out a costume in heaven. I know that in her costume she will be beautiful no matter what she chooses.

A friend of mine is having a fundraiser this weekend to raise money for the BC Children's Hospital in honour of her son Jack Wilbee. He amazing son passed away on March 3rd, 2011. I was introduced to the story of Jack through reading the blog If you have time stop by and read the story of Jack's life and the amazing strength that he has portrayed through his life. If you would like to donate to the event in his name you can find the information on the blog. I wish that there was no need for children's hospitals around the world. But the truth is that children are not immune to the diseases of the world and they are at risk as much as the rest of us.

I ask you to join me today in praying for all of the children around the world who are sick and suffering and all of the parents and families who have to helplessly sit by and watch them suffer.



michelle said...

I can just imagine Isabella all dressed up for Halloween, too cute. I picture an all pink costume, I think pink was her colour. She looked so pretty in it. Thank you so much Marisa for posting my fundraiser on your blog, you are so supportive. :)

Lucy said...

I remember last Halloween very clearly and I am very appreciative that we got to spend that Sunday together at Mom and Dad's. I am very thankful that both Frank and Charles captured it with lots of video. At the ti me it seemed so boring, just the two of them sitting on the couch staring at us, but now it is the most precious thing in the world.
You, Frank and Isabella are always in my prayers, and I will keep all of those other children and parents who face dispair in my prayers as well.

marisa said...

I remember that day so clearly. Mya in her cute strawberry costume looking at us all like we were crazy. I think that Bella was used to the commotion that we made and was just thinking alright freaks lets get this over with. I guess that we will never know what she was truly thinking.

Thank goodness for that day.

Patricia said...

Thank you for the information about Jack Wilbee and I will remember his family in my prayers. You are a guiding light to so many around you.