Friday, October 14, 2011

Quiet time

Another week has gone and another weekend is here. My weekends have become my quiet time after a long week. On my weekends I look forward to sitting with a book, watching a movie and surfing the computer. Those quiet moments help me to heal as well as to rest up for the upcoming week. When Isabella first passed those quiet moments used to haunt me. It was during those quiet times that I would relive that terrible day in my head over and over. It was as if I couldn't not shut of the chaos that was going on in my head. It is only now that those quiet moments have become something different. It is in those quiet moments that I can feel those chills up my arms that I now know means that she is giving me a big hug. It is in those moments that I can talk to her and tell her how I am feeling and imagine her blowing me kisses to make me feel better. I cherish those moments and even though my weekends have become something different then they once were, it is still something that I looked forward to each and every week.

As I am getting right to post this, I losten to a story of a father who murdered his three month old child. I am so angry to hear this and cannot understand why someone would want to hurt such an innocent child. What a crazy world.

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend.



Lucy said...

You continue to amaze me with your strength and positivity. You really are a remarkable person!

michelle said...

Landscaping is rather solitary work for me and Codie works much longer hours with his trucking so I am home alone often. So I even when I am working I get too much quiet time.I guess I am the opposite. I look forward to when he is off and I am being distracted from my thoughts. Although I find sometimes even when I am busy, I still think too much about everything and loose focus on what I am doing.ARGH
I hate reading things like that in the news,Argh again.
Enjoy your quiet time there is nothing like relaxing with a good book or movie :)