Sunday, October 30, 2011

Good LIfe

Lately I have been looking at Bella's picture and asking myself if I could have made up all of the many memories that I have. Is it possible that I imagined all of the dances that we shared, the songs that we sang, the sleepless nights, the cuddles, the kisses and so much more.

People reading this may think that this seems odd or even cruel to be thinking such a thing. My response to that would be that I am so happy that you do not understand this because that means that you have never experienced child loss.

It is not as if I am wishing that the memories were not real. I just feel like such a different person then I was those months ago. I am no longer that person who thinks that everything will always be okay. I now know that bad things could happen to good people. I know that those memories are real and I am thankful for that. It just seems to cruel that I was given a taste of the good life and then it was taken away.

Here is to finding the Good Life once again.


Lucy said...

You should never feel that you have to explain how you feel to anyone. Whatever you are experiencing, thinking or feeling is valid and important. I'm here to listen and support you in any way you want me to.
Love you.

To anyone who want to see how adorable Isabella looked last Halloween, look above at the photos above the most recent post.

michelle said...

I totally get where your coming from and yes it is extremely cruel and unfair. I hope we both find it again one day.

Angie said...

Your memories are as REAL as Isabella is. Cherish them as we all cherish our little Angel and the time that we had with her. Every minute that we shared with her was so very special. When I think of Bella my heart fills with love and joy. This is what she wants for us. I believe that.

I know that she wants The Good Life for You and Frank. It will happen for you once again.

Here's to the Good Life.

Love you always,