Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time is nothing but a word

My first day of school is done and I have to admit it was no so bad. It was hard seeing all of the parents with cameras taking pictures of their children's first day of school and knowing that I will never be taking those pictures with Isabella. I am now kicking myself for not taking a picture of Isabella on her first day of Montessori/preschool. I thought that I would have time to do all of those things, but I now realise that time is nothing but a word.

The parents of my new students were all wonderful and what I once thought were overbearing parents, I now see as parents who love their children so much. I think that my perspective has changed and I am now going to be a better teacher because of it.

When speaking with my sister today she said something that sums up exactly what I was feeling today. She said that at times of the day you get so overwhelmed with what you are doing that you forget that you have a life out of school. At times I forget that I have a daughter that is living in heaven and watching over me. It is a bitter sweet feeling because those moments bring peace but after that moment passes you remember that you are going straight home instead of picking up your child from school.

Isabella was watching me today and is watching me everyday. That is the only reason that I was strong enough to get through the day.

Thank you Bella for always helping Mommy through the tough times.



Lucy said...

I was so relieved to hear your first day went well. I am so protective of you and I thought about you all day today.
Life can get very hectic sometimes, but I've learned to cherish the smallest pleasures in life, which seem to me to be the most important.
Isabella was with you every step of the way today!

michelle said...

So glad it went well for you :)