Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

On this day two years ago I became a mom to the most amazing little girl. She had us wrapped aruond her finger as soon as we looked into her eyes. On that day I never imagined that I would end up here, but here I am. I never imagined that I would be singing Happy Birthday to a picture and a Birthday Balloon. I guess this is my new normal.

This morning we went to the cemetary to visit Isabella. We brought her a Happy 2nd Birthday balloon and a Birthday card. It was hard to sit there and look at her picture and wonder if she is celebrating her Birthday in heaven. We bought some of Isabella's favourite books and some colouring books from cartoons that she liked and brought them to her school. I know that she would be happy with that. I made her a heart shaped Birthday cake this morning and even though it did not come out as good as the one that I made her last year, I am happy that I made it. I want to make her a cake every year on her day.

I was suprised to come home as see a vase of flowers at the door. The flowers were Gerbera Daiseys which are my favourite. The flowers were from the Principal at Isabella's school as well as her teacher. I knew that there was someting special about that place when I registered there and now I know that it is the people that work there. The card read that they are thinking of beautiful Isabella today and always.

Later today I am going to have a peice of her birthday cake and release a Birthday Balloon with a special message for her on it. I wish I could do more but for now this is how it needs to be.

I miss you Bella and look forward to the day when I can join your birthday party once again.


alexvelocci said...

Happy birthday to my princess up above. Miss and love you so much.

Gampa and Nonna said...

To our beloved granddaughter Bella,
To know you is to love you with heart and soul. To be in your company brings so much joy. To stand in your presence enriches our lives. We love you and know you are always with us.
Happy Happy Birthday our little one.
Gampa & Nonna

See you Angel, budgie budgie boo we love you always!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Isabella! Always and forever smiling with Jack in my heart.

Harmony88 said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl :) We are thinking of you on this special day.

Lucy said...

You and Frank honored her birthday in the most beautiful ways. You continue to be the most remarkable parents to the most precious little girl.
Bella is loved by so many and I know that many people are saying an extra prayer for her today.
I walk with a heavier heart today as I wish I could be there to sing to her, watch her open her presents and see her beautiful smile. I still sang to her, spent some time at the cemetery and honored her in my own way. Happy 2nd Birthday Bella. Auntie, Uncle and Mya love you so very much.

Josie DiMarco said...

You and Frank are simply amazing!! Thinking of your precious little girl on her birthday. Happy Birthday Isabella!!

Chris Coz said...

Last year, Euge and I missed Bella's birthday (something we'll always regret) and there was no way we were missing it this year. We visited your little monkey, remembering the very first day we met her. It was hard to fight back the tears but the sun was shining so brightly I figured she must be having a good time up in heaven. Love you guys :)


Angie said...

I happened to be away for Bellas birthday but she was always on my mind and in my heart. With every day filled with sunshine and every butterfly that flew passed me and every happy moment that I felt I knew Isabella was right there by my side.

Happy birthday my sweet little Angel. I love you and miss you so very much !! Lots of smoochie kisses coming your way.

Love Auntie Angie