Friday, June 17, 2011

Time with my niece

My niece which is also my Goddaughter has brought me so much joy this week. She is turning one and she is such a little ham. She reminds me so much of what Isabella was like at her age. She was throwing things on the floor, she points at everything that she sees and loves to be in her stroller. She has the cutest little smile and her little giggle is so funny. I am so blessed that I have her around at this time. When Isabella first gained wings, I was afraid to spend time with my niece. I thought that being with her would make me feel worse, or that I was betraying Isabella by enjoying the company of another child. Yet, instead she makes me smile, laugh and even cry because I see so many similarities between her and Bella. I know that Isabella is not angry with me. Instead she is saying, Mommy what took you so long? Those who knew Isabella knew that she loved Mya from the day that Mya was born and that Isabella did not have a jealous streak in her body. She never would cry when I would hold other babies because Isabella babies too. She would have been such a great big sister as she was a fantastic big cousin. I always imagined her handing me diapers or bum cream, or helping me feed her future siblings. I wonder if Mya and Isabella`s future siblings will think of her as little and not older then them. They will always only see the little Isabella and it may be hard for them to refer to her as their big cousin or bog sister. It doesn`t matter how they rememebr her as long as they remember.

Isabella, the fact that you LIVED will never be forgotten.


Lucy said...

It made me so happy to read this post. I am so glad that Mya good bring you some sense of comfort and love. The two of have a very special relationship, just as she does with Bella. Evey morning when we wake up I ask her where Bella is and she points to the photo on our fireplace mantle. We make our way over and she kisses the picture over and over again. Sometimes throughout the day she will spontaneously blow kisses towards her photo. Mya will always know her "Big Little" cousin and how much she loved her. Mya and all of our future children will know and Bella as much as we do. She will always be their "Big Little" cousin.

michelle said...

My cousin had a litle girl virtually the same time I had Jack, it is still very hard to see her milestones but I do feel her and Jack were very connected and that helps. Isabella will always be remembered. Ps I didnt get your email but sent you another private message through blogger.I dont know if you are getting mine either LOL My email is
Well wishes and thanks for the poetry praise. Happy Fathers Day to your hubby.

Angie said...

I'll never forget how Isabella used to walk around holding Mya's picture. She just loved her to pieces and I'm sure she's loving watching you spend time with her. I see now how much little Mya loves Isabella as well. I'm sure in future, we will tell Mya all about her cousin and everything she meant to her.

Love you,