Saturday, June 18, 2011

Isabella's Daddy

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I think that I am more anxious for Father's Day then I was for Mother's Day. I hurt for my husband and I know that tomorrow is going to be such a hard day for him. I don't want to See him in pain, if I could I would go through all of the pain for both of us. Much like I was on Mother's Day he has chosen that tomorrow will be treated like just another day. That is not to say that we are going to forget that we are parents, we are just not in the mood to celebrate without out precious girl.

Even though we are not celebrating F.D tomorrow, I still want the world to know about the two most amazing Father's in the world, my father and my husband. Firstly my father is amazing for many reasons but the one that I want to celebrate is the fact that he shared such a special relationship with my daughter Isabella. Isabella had Grandpa wrapped around her little finger. From the day that she was born Grandpa would melt at the sight of her. Grandpa would take her for walks around the pond and show her all of the swans. He would let her sleep on his lap or watch her favourite shows with her. Grandpa misses her so much and reads her a book every time that he visits her at the cemetery. Isabella loves her Grandpa.

Even though Isabella had so much love to give she did not love anyone more than she loved her Daddy/Papa. She would wait at the window every evening and shake with excitement every time that she would see Papa's car pull up the driveway. When Papa and Bella were together it was like nobody else was in the room. The patience that my husband had for Isabella was like no other. He never got frustrated, or upset with the sleepness nights, or early mornings. Instead he would cuddle and kiss her with all he had. Papa would read Isabella her favourite stories, take her for walks, sing her songs and teach her so many new things. He would tickle her, kiss her and cuddle her at every chance that he got. He would play with her in the bathtub and dance with her every night before bed. Daddy made sure that every night he was there to put Bella into her pajamas, read her the bible and say her prayers before bed. Even if he had to go out, he would make sure that he did not leave until all of that was done. Isabella was so proud of her daddy and was definitely a daddy's girl. When Mommy would pick her up from school, she would ask for Papa. I hope that my husband always remembers that Isabella loves him so much and that he is the true example of what a father should be.

Thank you to my father and to my husband for being so important not only to me but to my precious girl, Isabella


Alissa said...

Happy Father's Day to the daddies in your life and in your little Isabella's. Wishing she was with you to celebrate the day. Sending peaceful thoughts your way.

Lucy said...

I can barely get through this post because the tears welling up in my eyes are so big the words are to blurry to read. My heartaches for you and Frank and I wish I had something profound to say, but I don't. I love you both so very much and even though you are not acknowledging Fathers Day today, I'm sure Bella is. Look out for a sign today, I'm sure she is somewhere very close to Daddy and Grandpa today.

Dad said...

My dearest daughter Marisa. Iwant to say thank you so very much for such a wonderful tribute to myself and my son in law Frank.Marisa it has been my pleasure and joy to be the father of both you and Lucy.I am so very proud of you both.You have accomplished everything a parent could ask for, mom and I love you both dearly. For my beloved Bella, how could ones heart not melt when in the presence of such a precious gift. Angel you changed Grandpas life forever.You were sunshine on agloomy day, you lit up my world, you brought such love and joy wherever you were. To hear your little voice say " Gampa " made me proud, privileged and blessed to have a beautiful little girl like you love me.I love you forever baby "Budgie Budgie Boo" Gampa loves you. Dad

Chris M said...

Marisa - beautiful post. I could not agree more.

BellaSteph said...

Marisa- I couldn't comment for a while. Stupid blogger kept telling me I was denied access to your blog.

This post and your Dad's response just brought me to tears. Such a beautiful family you have. Your Bella sounds like such an amazing little girl.

Father's day was a hard day for all of you I am sure. I know it was hard for us. Thinking of you and your whole family. Take Care.