Monday, July 23, 2012

What would I be doing game

July is almost over and I really do not have much to show for it.  I find myself playing the "what would I be doing game," so much lately.  For example being that today is a hot day I probably would have taken Isabella swimming in the early morning before it got too hot.  Maybe after that we would go for an ice cream and for a lunch date just the two of us.  She probably would have a short nap (she never like to sleep in the afternoon) followed by some Wiggles video watching (she loves the Wiggles).  I would probably take her to the park or splash pad before dinner and when we got home she would wait by the window for daddy to come home.  This type of thinking is so hard to stop yet in some crazy way it brings me comfort.  For a moment while I am imagining what my day would be like I can experience that day with her. 

I miss you Bella and I hope that you are enjoying all of the things that a two and a half year old should be enjoying.



Susan said...

I do this. I call it shadow-life. You get glimpses of it. The what should have been.

It slips away more often now though. I suppose because I am busy with a 1 year old. And that is sad too xx

michelle said...

I do that so much too. xo

Trentent Silver said...

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