Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Bella Baby

This day last year was a great day with Bella.  I picked her up from school and I gave her a pink hippopotamus.  At first she did not know that she thought of this hippo.  But then she showered it with kisses and was calling it Inamus.  That  hippo is presently sitting in her crib with some of her other favourite toys like Upsy Daisy.  I remember exactly what she was wearing that day, pink stretchy pants and a pink shirt/dress with hearts and ruffles.  She was laid to rest in that same dress.  I remember when we got home from school we looked at her Valentines cards and mommy snuck some of her chocolates because Bella wasn't allowed chocolate.   Frank and Bella had given me a beautiful card and Bella and I had gotten one for daddy.  Frank surprised me because he had also gotten one for Belle which was his second love.

I think of that day with smiles and tears.  I love that memory and I am saddened that we will not have the opportunity to make more.

Daddy, Inamus and I miss you with all our hearts sweet girl.  Happy Valentine's Day.

Love always and forever,


michelle said...

What a beautiful memmory, thinking of Isabella xo

Susan said...

Oh Marisa, it slips my mind sometimes how little time has passed since Bella was in your arms. It feels like I have been bereaved for ever. I hope the precious memory carries some of your grief through your first valentine's day without her xx

marisa said...

Thanks guys,

I am thinking of you and your precious children as well.

BellaSteph said...

I was just thinking what Susan said. I forget that it wasn't that long ago that your beautiful Bella was on this earth. I am glad you remember every detail of that special day with your daughter. Sometimes I find myself forgetting to remember the good times and focusing on the bad.

Thinking of you and Bella always. xoxo