Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad Dream

I had a bad dream last night that Isabella and I were at the beach and I could not find her. I did not know if she had wondered into the water or where she went. I kept thinking that she was lost scared and I was not there to comfort her. At one point in my dream someone came to my house with a child and said that they had found her at the beach. From the back she looked like Isabella. She had the same beautiful dark curls. When the child turned around, it was not Isabella. It was someone else's child. I kept saying, "this is not my child, she is someone else's."

I was happy to wake up from that terrible dream. Although, in reality I still do not have my daughter in my arms. At least I know that she is not somewhere scared and alone. I know exactly where she is. She is in heaven with the angels and all of our departed family members.

It has been eight months today since I have heard your voice sweet girl. Sweet dream princess.


Lucy said...

I'm sorry that you had such a terrible dream.
You are exactly right about where Isabella is now. She is in the most loving, peaceful and glorious place, heaven, and at the same time her beautiful spirit is right her with us.

michelle said...

I have had those dreams before and after Jack passed. They are awful. I am glad you have a way of dealing with them. :)

Maria said...

Hi Marisa, I, am sorry you had that horrible dream. So thankful they are just dreams and not reality. I love you my friend!!!