Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Months

Yesterday marked five months since Isabella has went to heaven. I feel like it just happened yesterday yet I miss her like she has been gone for fifty years. Next month would have marked her second birthday. I already had it planned out. It was going to be an animal themes since she loved animals and I was going to do it as the farm. I was going to make her a farm animal cake, and have farm animal decorations. I am not sure what that day will bring but I do know that it will not be easy.

We went out to dinner on Monday with some family and right beside our table was a big blue butterfly (fake one) hanging in the plant. None if the other tables that we saw had one but ours. I think that was her way of saying that she was joining us for dinner. My daughter was not one to miss a good meal, just like her mommy!

Love you Bella,


michelle said...

I am already thinking of Jacks Bday too. The farm theme sounded wonderful. hugs

Lucy said...

I'm sure you would of made Isabella's birthday perfect for her, just like her 1st birthday was. I'm here for you always when you want to laugh or cry, talk or just be with someone.

Susan said...

Maybe you can still make the cake - I know I couldn't, but it seems to be a comfort for some mums. Sending you lots of love - you'll never have to live through another 5 months as difficult as this x