Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The past week has been a difficult one. A very close friend of ours lost their mother and it is always hard seeing people that you love in pain. I am now getting used to seeing bad things happen to good people.

The mass was held at the same church where we had Isabella's mass and the resting place is the same mausoleum where Isabella is. I wanted to be there to support my friends because they have always been there for us, but I found it extremely difficult. It was hard being there and knowing that just five months earlier I was there celebrating the life of my daughter. I was able to sit through the mass which was beautiful. I find the church a very comforing place, I just wish that I had brought Isabella there more. Although I did go to the mosoleam, I did not stay for the burial. Instead I went to see Isabella and tried to get some comfort from her. I know that sounds weird that visiting her there would give me comfort. Just seeing her face, seeing her name and talking to her gives me comfort. She is my best friend and best friends comfort each other.

I miss you Bella!


michelle said...

Thats not weird at all. Hugs

Macuil said...

Not at all, very conforting!


BellaSteph said...

I agree that it's not weird. Of course her beautiful face and name would give you comfort.

Thinking of you.

Lucy said...

It takes a special person and a true friend to do the things that are especially hard. You are such an amazing and caring friend, family member and especially mother.