Wednesday, November 7, 2012


As the babies due date gets closer, I get a little more nervous. I am not nervous about having another baby. It is the the idea about bringing another child into this world that is full of germs and diseases that I cannot prevent no matter how hard I try. It is scary to open up your heart again to a little one who cannot tell you that they feel sick or are in pain. I was very cautious of germs with Isabella and will be the same if not worse with this little one. I am already prewarnimg people that I don't want people coming over if they are sick or have someone in their home that is sick. I know what people are thinking. They are thinking that I am over paronoid and that I need to relax. That I need to expose my children to germs. My answer would be that until you have lost a child to a disease that began with a "common" virus please just respect my wishes. One in a million is still one on a million. I am going to do everything in my power to prevent anyone that I love from being another one. I will try to do this at the same time allowing my little man to experienc life without my fear overshadowing him. With that being said, I am getting very excited to meet this little man. I know that he will bring my world the light that has been lost the past year and a half. My family and friends are just as excited as we are to meet him. I know that this little guy is going to bring us all a little closer to Isabella through the fact that he is a part of her. I look forward to holding my son and showing him the beautiful world that we live in and introducing him to all of the beautiful people in this world who love him already.


alexvelocci said...

I miss you so much Isabella! I cannot wait to meet your little brother and feel your presence and love through him. xo

Lucy said...

Looking forward to meeting my little nephew! All of your feelings are valid and understandable. Those who love you will respect your wishes and never question anything you feel or ask of us!

Angie said...

Congratulations !!!

Please know that we will always respect your wishes. We love you guys and only want your happiness.

With that said, I can't wait to meet our new LITTLE MAN. I haven't even set eyes on him yet and I love him with all my heart already :)

Great-Auntie Angie

Josie said...

Marisa, I saw a couple of pictures of Julian. He is absolutely gorgeous! He looks to have his sister's full cheeks. Congratulations to you and Frank. I know Isabella is watching over you all always.

God Bless,

michelle said...

I am still on gaurd about everything germs, health problems etc and nothing will ever change that now. I am thinking of you, Frank, Isabella and her baby brother!xoxo