Saturday, December 22, 2012

My letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I know that I am a grown adult but I am still a child at heart that believes that Santa can make her wishes come true. My wish this year is something big that might take many elves to make. It may not be ready for this year but I will wait because this wish is so special. My wish for you Santa is that you could buid me a time machine. Not just any time machine but one that not only fits me, but that could fit all of the many bereaved parents that I have met along the way. Once this time machine transports me back to a time before loss, I will appreciate every moment that I am in. I will slow down what I am doing instead of trying to fit so much within a day. I will hold each hug with Bella a little longer, and put her to bed a little later. I would try to stop making her grow up so fast and allow her to be a baby for that much longer. I would tell her how loved she is that much more and spend more time just looking into her eyes. Well Santa I will wait until my Christmas wish comes true. Until then I will use the time machine that is in my mind.


Lucy said...

I'd give anything to make your wish come true. You, Frank and Bella have always had the most beautiful bond and I know that the connection is still as strong to this day. Your mind and heart together is so powerful and makes it possible for you to keep Isabella close to you always. Close your eyes and be calm, Bella is wrapping her arms around you right now.

marisa said...

Thank Lucy,
You are right. She is closer than I know.

Love you Lu

Gina said...

Lucy said it well. Isabella has you all wrapped up in her love and goodness. Keep that time machine wish going. Thinking of you and your family this Christmas and may the love of Jesus, embrace you, touch you and support you this Holy Christmas and 2013. xoxo